State of the Art Dairy Production

The Wet Mixing – Spray Dry Process

Milk Powder Processing

We process our fresh milk into milk powder using the latest state-of-art processing method available in the dairy industry. To use this technology, the fresh milk must be sourced less than 20 kilometres from where it is manufactured.

During the Wet Mixing – Spray Dry process, ingredients are blended together, homogenized, pasteurized and spray dried to produce a powdered product. The pasteurization step destroys any harmful bacteria that may be present in the ingredients, making this process much less dependent on the microbiological quality of ingredients. This process also has the advantage of ensuring the uniform distribution of nutrients throughout the batch.

The Wet Mixing – Spray Dry process requires frequent cleaning of the processing equipment. We control the environment in the cleaning process to ensure no bacteria or contaminants enter into the products.

Once the process is complete, the milk powder is sent to the packaging line, where it is transferred to a filler hopper that feeds powder into the can-filling line. Filled cans are flushed with inert gas, seamed, labelled, coded and packed into cartons. Typically, finished products are held until it undergoes a final check for conformance to specifications, including microbiological contaminants.


Why Choose Wet Mixing Infant Milk Formula?

Because it is the best! The Wet Mixing – Spay Dry process is now the world’s leading science and technology in the dairy industry . It is safe, reliable, and involves state-of-the-art technology.

The Wet Mixing – Spay Dry process produces fresher milk powder and a more balanced distribution of nutrients.

The process results in milk powder that is highly soluble which is easier on baby’s digestion. In young babies, the gastrointestinal tract is not yet fully developed. Therefore to make it easier for your baby’s gastrointestinal digestion and their absorption of nutrients, the milk powder in baby formula needs to have higher the solubility. Nutrient levels can also be controlled to ensure they are up to standard. The reconstituted milk also tastes great with the natural flavour and nutrients of milk retained during this process!


Our commitment to our customers is to continue to provide fresh, clean and healthy dairy products. Packaging these products is done by our cutting-edge dairy processor.

Paperboard, plastic containers and aluminium tins used are all UV-sterilized before use.