Sunwild Farm

Australian Made for You and Your Babies

At Sunwild Farm, all of our products are 100% Australian made. We are proud to display the Australian made logo as certification for our Australian made products. We are proud that we source and process locally in Australia and always will.


We Use Australia’s Rich Natural Resources

Our ingredients are sourced and processed locally to ensure our products are of the best and freshest quality. Thanks to our state-of-art Wet-Mixing-Spray Dry process, our ingredients travels less than 20 kilometres to where it is manufactured. This decreases the potential for contamination and retains freshness longer.

Ideal Natural Conditions

Sunwild Farm only choose cows that live in the ideally suited cooler climate of the Goulburn Valley, in Victoria’s western district. Here, amidst the hills, these cows grow strong and healthy in these optimal conditions

The cows Sunwild Farm chooses thrive in this open natural environment, producing higher content of protein, fat and lactose in their milk.

Sunwild Farm chooses cows who enjoy free-range grazing on chemical-free pastures. We work hard to ensure our cows are all-natural without any antibiotics, hormones or steroids in their feed.

World-Class Breeding Technology

The best milk comes from the best cows, and at Sunwild Farm, we breed the best. The cows Sunwild Farm chooses are Holstein cows. They are robust, well-built and easily recognised by their black and-white patchwork colouring. In fact, the Holstein breed is recognized as one of the best cow breeds in the world. We only breed the best of our cows to ensure our customers get the highest quality ingredients in our products.