High Standard Food Quality & Safety

Our Commitment to Quality

At Sunwild Farm, we care about the food quality and safety more than anything else. We are producing premium quality baby formula and adults formula to help you and your baby to become the best they can be.

Strict food safety regulation and management system

We are passionate about the quality of our Sunwild Farm products and this commitment to quality is at the heart of our product development and our corporate values.

As an industry-leading producer of dairy products and baby food, we adhere to the strictest guidelines and standards of food safety and quality. All the Sunwild Farm products are manufactured under the regulation and standard administrated by Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS), which is the highest food safety standard in the world. We sample and test each batch of products rigorously in our lab to ensure its quality.

Strict food safety regulation and management system

Fresh Milk Production

Sunwild Farm only chooses cows who graze in open paddocks, while the lactating cows are housed and milked in a breeding complex with digitized management. On average, a cow produces 20,576 pounds of milk a year. The lactation cycle occurs naturally without human intervention, and the milk produced is first used to feed calves. The remaining milk is sent for further processing. Once a cow has finished lactating, they are rested for a time to ensure their complete recovery. At Sunwild Farm we believe healthy cows are the best guarantee for high-quality milk.

Fresh Milk Transportation

At Sunwild Farm we closely manage and oversee the milk transport process. The fresh milk is carefully transported to the processing factory in well-insulated and refrigerated trucks. A truck carries on average 5,800 gallons of milk. The milk powder processing factory is located within 20 kilometres of the milk source which helps eliminate potential risk of contamination to the milk during long-distance transportation.

Home Grown Is Best

At Sunwild Farm, we make some of the best dairy products in the world.  Our Australian made milk powder is manufactured and grown locally to meet the highest Australian standards. Our products come with warranties, and should you need support or service, we are just a phone call away.

You can have confidence in the quality of our products and know that the baby formula and adult formula you are buying have travelled a short distance from our home to yours.