Nutrawiz Maternal & Lactating Formula

Nutrawiz Maternal & Lactating Formula

Doing whatever’s best for baby is a natural maternal instinct, and doing what is healthy for you is every bit as wise. Nutrawiz Maternal & Lactating Formula achieves both important elements, in one delicious beverage. Recommended for consumption even while planning your pregnancy, this wholesome drink has been formulated to deliver critical nutrients that meet the demanding requirements of the body at one of its most wonderful but challenging life stages.

Maternal & Lactating Formula

Nutrawiz Maternal & Lactating Formula is a low-lactose milk formula. It is rich in folic acid, linolenic acid, linoleic acid, DHA, iron, zinc, calcium and vitamin B12, as well as other highly desirable nutrients.

During pregnancy, you need an optimised diet to take care of your special physiological needs and to support all the functions baby needs to grow and develop. Folic acid is required for the healthy development of the foetus and the manufacture of red blood cells. When taken before conception and during the first few weeks into the pregnancy, folic acid can prevent seven out of ten cases of neural tube defects. Furthermore, inadequate intake can also increase the risk of miscarriage.

DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) is added to Nutrawiz Maternal & Lactating Formula because it is vital for foetal brain and eye development. It contributes enormously to the health of baby’s nervous system and is so important that if lacking during pregnancy, can lead to mental retardation, retinal abnormalities and attention and hyperactivity disorders. Studies of four year olds have shown that supplementing with DHA increases baby’s IQ. The amount of DHA in breast milk is related to the amount in the mother’s diet so supplementation is important.

As for calcium, a pregnant woman needs extra for herself and her baby to build and strengthen bones, and dietary fibre to maintain her bowel regularity.

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It’s not always easy to maintain an ideal diet every single day throughout the entire nine months. Considering that many women suffer from morning sickness and may not be able to stomach substantial meals for some time, supplementing with a high nutrient beverage can help. And beyond pregnancy, when mothers are breastfeeding, it can be tremendously difficult to maintain adequate nutrition, especially when facing sleep, time and hormonal challenges. Consuming Nutrawiz Maternal & Lactating Formula is an easy and pleasant way to continually boost levels of these all-important nutrients. Additionally, it contains FOS, a valuable prebiotic that keeps the gut microflora healthy and maintains the correct pH balance. Expectant mothers frequently experience constipation because the increase in the pregnancy hormone progesterone relaxes and slows the movement of food through the intestines.

Optimising your nutrition when breastfeeding is absolutely essential. Studies have shown that drinking Nutrawiz Maternal & Lactating Formula increases baby’s levels of zinc, iron, copper and other vital trace elements.

While milk itself contains a number of important vitamins, some calcium and other nutrients, it is not considered a complete food. To really achieve optimal nutrition before and during pregnancy and throughout breastfeeding, a daily drink of Nutrawiz Maternal & Lactating Formula is recommended.

It’s comforting to know that so much nutritional goodness can be consumed in a single daily glass of Nutrawiz Maternal & Lactating Formula; it’s best for you and best for your baby.

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