Nutrawiz Instant Full Cream Milk Powder

Milk powder with all the goodness of fresh milk.

Our state of the art process ensures that Nutrawiz Instant Full-Cream Milk Powder retains all the essential goodness of fresh milk but with the convenience of powdered milk.

Nutrawiz Instant Full-Cream Milk Powder starts its journey to your table as locally-sourced fresh milk. When it arrives at our state-of-art processing facility, the milk undergoes a streamlined process of sterilisation, evaporation, spraying and drying. The end result is a highly concentrated, nutrient-rich milk powder bursting with wholesome benefits and flavour.

Nutrient-rich full cream milk with essential minerals and vitamins.

Nutrawiz Instant Full-Cream Milk Powder contains concentrated amounts of essential minerals and vitamins including:

  • High-quality proteins and fats
  • Calcium and phosphorus
  • Vitamins A, B1 and B2
  • Fine pulverised casein particles for easier absorption by the body
  • Iron and other minerals found in pure and natural fresh milk
  • No added sugar

Nutrawiz instant skim milk powder

Easy mixing ratio.

Enjoy the delicious flavour and wholesomeness of our full cream milk powder by following these mix ratios:

  1. Volume ratio: 4 spoons of water for 1 spoon of milk powder
  2. Weight-ratio of 8ml of water for 1 gram of milk powder

As the milk powder dissolves, the content of fat and proteins and fructose increases, leaving a rich, creamy and naturally sweet flavour for you to enjoy.

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