Nutrawiz Infant Formula Overview

We get the balance right so you don’t have to worry

Belwiz infant formula is rich in protein and contains all 29 essential nutritional elements for your baby’s growth and development.

Unlock Your Baby’s Full Potential

We know your baby is amazing and we want to help them to be all they can be.

With this in mind we have added α- lactalbumin (the secret “super-ingredient” of breast milk)to our Belwiz Infant Formula.

Recent research shows that α- lactalbumin plays an essential role in unlocking your baby’s full potential. Its high concentration of cysteine is converted into taurine by the body, which stimulates the growth of brain cells.

The benefits of α- lactalbumin in breast milk include help with digestion and absorption, and it contains rich amounts of tryptophan, which boosts the development of baby’s nervous system, and regulates sleep, appetite and emotions. Research shows that besides a strong body and intelligence, behavioural development is a key factor in helping a baby realise their full developmental potential. We know your baby will thrive with the added goodness and benefits of α- lactalbumin in Belwiz Infant Formula. Try it today!overview1

Addition of DHA & ARA: Brilliant Babies? We Think So!

ARA (arachidonic acid) is commonly referred to as the wonder vitamin of this century. Unfortunately babies do not synthesise ARA easily. By adding ARA supplements to your baby’s food and nutritional intake we are able to give them the best nutritional value during this golden period of growth and physical development.

Long-term research has proven that the addition of DHA and ARA to milk powder is safe. The amount of DHA and ARA needed varies according to the developmental stage of baby and we enforce a strict control of the amount of DHA and ARA in our infant milk powder.

DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid ) is the “gold” element promoting brain development. DHA is an essential component in brain cells’ membrane. Its biological functions include the formation and development of brain cells. It also plays an important role in the extension of neuron axons and new dendrite formation and maintains the normal physiological activity in the process of thinking and memory.


No More Sore Tummies

Nothing is worse than seeing your baby in discomfort. One way to help avoid the perils of constipation and wind is to foster healthy intestinal flora to keep your baby’s digestive system happy.

Belwiz Infant Formula contains two specific composite prebiotics : GOS and FOS (Galactooligosaccharide and Oligomeric lactose). As soluble dietary fibre, they stimulate the growth of intestinal probiotics while inhibiting that of harmful bacteriato enhance immunity. Meanwhile, these prebiotics can help to soften faeces thus reducing the risk of constipation. Also, the added nucleotide helps prevent diarrhoea. These pro- and prebiotics are effectively the guardians of your baby’s intestinal health!


Immunity Booster

Our Infant Formula contains the Immunity boosting β-carotene. This wonderful little molecule is equivalent to two vitamins. Once absorbed, 50% of the β-carotene is converted to vitamin A, which is an essential substance for healthy bone development. β-carotene also boosts cell division and growth, as well as enhancing immunity. Make sure your baby gets everything they need to grow strong and healthy.


Nucleotides play a vital role in cell growth and energy metabolism in the human body. Babies who consume nucleotides-enriched formula have been shown to have greater levels of bifidobacteria (‘friendly’ bacteria that are evidence of a healthy gut). Nucleotides influence lipid metabolism, improve immunity and aid in the growth, development and repair of tissue. They are also the building blocks of DHA and ARA and are critical for normal body functions. Babies who are not breastfeed may miss out on this essential nutrient so Nutrawiz is proud to enrich their formula products with it, for the benefit of your little ones.


Lactoferrin is an important protein that assists the body to adjust iron levels and provides an additional layer of protection against inflammation, broad-spectrum microbes (tummy bugs) and viruses. Babies whose diets are supplemented with lactoferrin benefit from boosted immunity and its ability to ensure that iron is delivered around the body in appropriate measures. It actually increases the absorption of iron five to seven-fold. When breastfeeding is not an option, lactoferrin is one of the essential elements of breast milk that can be added to formula products so that baby doesn’t miss out.