Nutrawiz Gold + Toddler Formula

When your bouncing bundle of joy becomes more of a running, skipping little toddler, it’s important to keep up with their energy and nutritional needs more than ever. Nutrawiz Gold + Toddler Formula is there for your toddler during those topsy turvy days when they’re on the go and burning lots more energy than their little tummies can take in with just cow’s milk. Nutrawiz’s consulting nutritionists have formulated the perfect blend of nutrients, vitamins and minerals so that even if your little one misses the occasional meal, or turns their nose up at new foods offered, they won’t be short on nourishment.


Parents will almost inevitably face those times when their toddler doesn’t like anything given and seems to prefer the comfort and familiarity of a milk drink, in a bottle or cup. For us adults, it’s perfectly ok to not have the ultimate healthy meal now and then. But toddlers are growing fast and their muscles and bones have to keep up! Nutrawiz Gold + Toddler Formula won’t let you down.

Fortified with a range of scientifically recommended nutrients, Nutrawiz Gold + Toddler Formula delivers Alpha-lactalbumin and lactoferrin, both incredibly important elements for immunity and growth. Alpha-lactalbumin is a whey protein that is a major component of breast milk and is easily digested. It contains high levels of tryptophan which improves cognitive performance and can assist with sleep functions. Alpha-lactalbumin is also a rich source of the amino acid cysteine which helps to boost the immune system.


As for Lactoferrin, well your toddler will benefit from its ability to adjust the balance of iron in the body, regulate immune function and promote the growth of cells.

Nutrawiz + Toddler Formula is also enriched with Nucleotides that assist energy metabolism, and supplies the building blocks of DHA and ARA that are essential for normal body functions. You’ll also appreciate that Nutrawiz + Toddler Formula contains GOS/FOS prebiotics which maintain a low level of pathogens in your little one’s gut flora and boost the levels of good bacteria. Toddlers who consume these prebiotics experience less atopic dermatitis and diarrhoea and fewer chest infections.

You simply can’t count on regular cow’s milk to deliver all the goodness your child needs in these incredibly important – and highly active – growing months. Keep your little boy or girl on the move and thriving with Nutrawiz Gold + Toddler Formula.

Please refer to our overview page for a further information on nutrients found in Nutrawiz formula products.



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