Nutrawiz Gold + Infant Formula

Suitable to be used from as early as the day your baby is born, Nutrawiz Gold + Infant Formula is scientifically formulated to be nutritionally complete. For the first few months of life, infants derive all their nourishment from either breast milk or formula, and will not consume solids until around four months of age. When breastfeeding is not an option for whatever reason, Nutrawiz Gold + Infant Formula is there to deliver those critical early-stage nutrients.


From day one, you, your family and your health professionals will watch for your child to reach growth and development milestones. You can count on Nutrawiz Gold + Infant Formula to provide essential support for your little one’s brain development in those all-important first months.

This is also the time when eye health plays a key role. Babies are not born with perfect vision or the ability to focus their eyes and move them around accurately. Nutrawiz Gold + Infant Formula contains essential vitamins and minerals that promote healthy vision and eye function.


And of course, you want to protect your precious bub from illness and disease, so Nutrawiz Gold + Infant Formula is designed to be a powerhouse of immune system support. It contains Lactoferrin, a multifunctional protein that plays a vital role in immunity. Its broad-spectrum, antibacterial, anti-viral properties enhance the body’s resistance to disease. And Lactoferrin also regulates the iron levels in the body, regulates the generation of bone marrow cells and promotes cell growth.

Additionally, supplemented with Nucleotides that assist with energy metabolism, Nutrawiz Gold + Infant Formula supplies the building blocks of DHA and ARA that are essential for normal body functions.

Nutrawiz Gold + Infant Formula provides all the goodness your baby needs to grow healthier and stronger day by day.

Please refer to our overview page for a further information on nutrients found in Nutrawiz formula products.


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