Nutrawiz Gold + Follow-on Formula

As babies grow and develop, they need a formula that will keep up with their increasing nutritional needs. From 6 months, they will no longer be those dreamy, sleepy little ones that stay where they are gently placed. From the half-year mark, little ones will be rolling, crawling and kicking to their little hearts’ content. And with all that extra energy they’re expending, they need to take in nutrients that can sustain them.


Nutrawiz Gold + Follow-on Formula has been scientifically formulated to keep your baby cruising along while building important muscle and to keep their brain firing as it should.

Nutrawiz knows that solids have entered the picture by 6 months so baby’s nutritional requirements will be different from those formula-only days. It’s a time of experimentation with flavours and textures, colours and shapes. Not everything will go down as it should and some foods will be rejected outright. It’s all part of the fun! But at least you’ll know that Nutrawiz Gold + Follow-on Formula is supplementing your baby’s diet and providing all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals needed to get through those busy, active days.


You’ll enjoy peace of mind too, knowing that Nutrawiz Gold + Follow-on Formula contains Alpha-lactalbumin for that all-important immunity function and lactoferrin which is a protein found in abundance in breast milk. Lactoferrin promotes the absorption of iron in baby’s body for optimal development and is considered an essential ingredient that may be absent in your little one’s diet if formula is not given.

Also enriched with Nucleotides that help with energy metabolism, Nutrawiz Gold + Follow-on Formula supplies the building blocks of DHA and ARA that are essential for normal body functions.

Furthermore, Nutrawiz Gold + Follow-on Formula is fortified with FOS and GOS prebiotics which reduce the level of pathogens in baby’s gut flora and optimise the levels of good bacteria. Research has shown that babies fed on formula containing GOS/FOS prebiotics experience less diarrhoea, atopic dermatitis and chest infections.

Nutrawiz Gold + Follow-on Formula delivers critical nutrients for babies aged 6 to 12 months so they can go from strength to strength as they become increasingly mobile and learn more about the world every day.

Please refer to our overview page for a further information on nutrients found in Nutrawiz formula products.


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