Nutraiwz Gold + Children’s Formula

Nutraiwz Gold + Children’s Formula

Before you know it, your tiny newborn is at kindy and then school! To keep that little motor running and brain powering, replenish your child’s energy supplies with good, healthy nutrition. Nutrawiz Gold + Children’s Formula can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime.

Nutrawiz Children's formula

While your little one simply thinks he or she is drinking something delicious, you’ll know that you’ve put the best possible nutrition in their tummy. Nutrawiz has packed Children’s Formula with vital elements including phosphatidylserine (PS), probiotics, prebiotics and DHA.

PS is a structural component of cells that, when administered orally, improves cognitive functions. A vital substance for the brain, it significantly boosts brain function and helps with memory, learning and maintaining attention and focus. Studies have shown that it may help to improve children’s academic performance when consumed on a daily basis .

Probiotics are live bacteria, ‘friendly’ to the human digestive system. They can help to prevent tummy upsets including abdominal bloating and flatulence and also enhance the immune responses of children who suffer from atopic allergies like hay fever and eczema.


Nutrawiz Gold +  Children’s Formula is additionally fortified with FOS prebiotics, known to reduce the level of pathogens in children’s gut flora and better protect them against diarrhoea, chest infections and atopic dermatitis.

Linked to the development of intelligence, DHA is an omega-3 fatty acid that is essential to healthy brain development. Low DHA levels have been linked with negative impacts on behaviour, memory and reading abilities in children.

Raising healthy children who can step up to their milestones with ease comes through giving them the right nutritional advantages.



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